Saturday, August 15, 2009

City Council Update


I know people only glance over these messages so I will get to the point fast. After careful consideration I decided not to run for reelection to the Chelsea City Council. My term ends in January and I will be serving until then. I made the decision because I could not fully commit to another 2 years at the moment and did not want to leave mid term. I made the official decision a few weeks ago and their are now two people running for the seat so their will be a choice for those of you who live in the district. In fact many races are contested in Chelsea which I believe is a great thing. A democracy can not run without elections and competition. I currently do not have an endorsement for my seat, I just hope for a fair clean election.

My constituent hot line will remain active and in January the voice message will change to a normal message, it will still be a great way to get a hold of me. I will be writing a blog in December looking back at the last few years, now does not seem to be the time to do so as I will be serving for a few more months.

For those of you who have been concerned everything is OK, there is nothing wrong. I just have some educational/vocational plans for the near future. I plan on remaining active in the community.

Thanks again for all your support,